Why Contribute?

Although we have provided some initial ROS, ROS-Industrial, and TurtleBot educational material, the foundation of this site is built upon user input! Please feel free to add to any of the existing courses, or to add entirely new material!


All of the pages on this website have a sidebar on the right hand side with all pull requests (open and closed) which involve this file in some way. Please review the previous pull requests before proposing a change to prevent duplicates and to prevent rehashing issues already addressed.

In addition, before contributing, please review the About section of this site to familiarize yourself with the purpose and organization of the content within.

Steps to Contributing

  1. Set up Git Account
    • If you are new to GitHub, create an account
  2. Fork and Clone Local Copy of Repository
    • Make sure you don’t already have a copy of this repository!
    • Download your own version of this repository (the folder containing all the courses for this site). This is where you will make edits.
  3. Add or Edit Material to your local version of the repository
    • Make changes to your own version of the courses their files.
  4. Commit your edits and create a Pull Request
    • Submit these changes for review using Git!

For details on how to contribute, see course How to Contribute

This course contains:

  • Instructions on how to set up and use Git
  • Information on how to format courses using templates
  • How to preview edits before commiting them
  • How to embed Google Docs and YouTube videos in the course pages
  • These pages are all written the language Markdown; this course provides an overview of useful Markdown syntax